Get Wired for Happy

In a strange confluence while reading Adam Greenfield’s blog (the content of which has nothing to do with this goal, and to explain how that site brought about this idea would be too difficult to explain and inconsequential anyway) after some semi-recent events and more-so recent conversations, I had the thought that I might not be wired to be happy. And that needs to be changed.

So the questions remain: what makes us wired for unhappiness? It may have something to do with psychoanalysis …related: what parts of our brain might want us to remain unhappy? Why would we cognitively want to be happy but emotionally unable or unwilling to get happy?

It probably has some things to do with insecurity. What does it mean to be secure, at ease with ourselves, happy, and responsibility-taking human beings? It means no more excuses. It means, of course, that if we are not happy we have no-one to blame but ourselves.

It has to do with making decisions that are wiser than our brains actually are (which might need to be a separate goal anyhow). And letting our brains learn from that wise decision.

“You’ve got a kind of beautiful, makes the boys want to give up running all around.”

It has to do with being able to say “I’m sorry” and to actually forgive yourself and learn from it and move forward without regret, because who you actually are was not the one who did that thing that required an “I’m sorry”. The actual you lives in the future and is secure and happy and doesn’t do those things.

More later.

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