Many Thoughts After My Show and the Chemistry Set Show Last Night

…most of which I will not have the time or right words to share with you the way I would like…

So last night after my set at White Rock Coffee, which I should jot down some thoughts about but will do so in a less public forum–suffice it to say for now thank you so much everyone who came out and especially those who sang along and pounded on tables when asked–I went to The Chemistry Set’s last show.

I should preface all by saying that The Chemistry Set was (is the past tense really necessary already? It makes it sound more important for some reason) one of my favorite bands (and not just in Dallas), and I think I have a lot of support in that opinion. The songs and records are amazing, the musicianship flawless, the shows nearly perfect and Stephen is a great front- man. They were a great band without any inauthenticity or bullshit attitude. They were mostly perfect.

The turnout for their final show was good, but as usual most of the people in attendance considered the music as a background soundtrack for their very important social lives. There was some Art Conspiracy thing in the other room, and besides I didn’t see a single person come out into the main room for the show. Is it me or is that a little fucked up? I would have thought that artists, of all people, would have streamed out like children for the pied piper and stood in awe to soak the beauty that was the sound and energy coming off that stage.

So much of the Dallas scene just seems like pearls before swine to me, and it’s discouraging. I guess I got really spoiled by my 10 short months in the Arlington (Virginia)/DC music scene. (Followed by a quite nice 4 months in Sarajevo {musically at least!})

I wanted to post some Chem Set mp3’s but they’re all so good I can’t decide on which…and I gotta run…maybe laters…