You Walk Back Outside Feeling like You Just Gave Blood or Something, Lightheaded from Citizenry

MIRANDA JULY - 2 4 08:

Here’s why you should vote: you are going to really love it, the whole strange procedure. You get to walk right into a building that you would never normally be allowed in, often an elementary school. You can pause in the hallway to look at all the weird school-art and feel the eerie vibe of hundreds of kids living their endless kid lives right nearby. Then you follow the arrows to the voting room and look at the faces of the volunteers - who are these people? There is a hush of secrecy, the voting booth is clunky, the whole thing seems fake somehow. You consider filling in all the bubbles, like you did on the SATs. But you don’t. You vote. You walk back outside feeling like you just gave blood or something, lightheaded from citizenry. You are wearing a sticker that says “I Voted” and you wish you could continue to get stickers like this throughout the day: I Ate Dinner, I Went To Sleep, I Got Out Of Bed, I Went To Work.

The fact that Texas doesn’t have its primary until it doesn’t really matter anymore makes me feel like it could be just another symptom of being a simple- minded state…“Don’t make me think, just give me a choice between the final two at the very end.”

I want Obama to win the Dem nomination, and while I have “real” reasons in terms of positions on the issues, there is also just this sense of destiny with Obama. I normally hate politics, but he makes me want to believe again, and at this point, that is really important.

Update: Kester pointed out something important about Clinton