Well THIS Is Interesting,

Melodica Festival Self-Indulgent, But Still Positive for Dallas, especially the comments. This too ESPESH the comments OMGBBQ.

I think the main thing everyone is missing is: damn if this new music editor isn’t a uniter.

Recently revisiting Immediatism flavors my reading of all this. I was about to post iii as my comment on the actual article, except it doesn’t make sense unless you automatically replace Wuffie for Capital like I did.

For art, the intervention of Wuffie always signals a further degree of mediation. To say that art is wuffified is to say that a mediation, or standing-inbetween, has occurred, & that this betweenness amounts to a split, & that this split amounts to “alienation.”

There is so much in my head around art right now, but it’s too disjointed. Crazy good book coming 2018.

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