Updated Danielsjourney


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I updated danielsjourney.com. I had sort-of taken the site down for a couple weeks out of external frustrations, and played with a bunch of options for how I might re-vamp the site, but in the end the underlying markup hasn’t changed that much, nor has the way the content is presented (although that is what I wasn’t exactly happy with with the last design). It is even more lightweight than it was, the markup only has two structural elements and the CSS is now really small. I was/am still thinking about adding content from all the different areas not represented (Flickr, Vimeo, etc), as well as adding customization options, but in the end have kept just the LJ, Delicious, and Twitter for now.

I also updated /writings and /art quite a bit. There is still quite a bit of archived stuff to add to those areas, but I got a good chunk re-published. Turned out a lot of the art stuff was still on the server, just either not linked to properly or still the victim of a Dreamhost server hack that occurred last summer.

Welcome feedback.

mp3s of the day: David Sedaris, Parade (part), which I just found hilariously appropriate on many levels. [Sean Lennon, Two Fine Lovers][7], which I’m just really into at the moment.

[7]: http://danielsjourney.com/blog/files/2008/03/09%20Two%20Fine%20Lovers.mp3