I Like to Ride My Bicycle

Today I rode around for about an hour and a half, then I got chased by a dog, then I rode home. Was home and out of my kit by 10:08. It was starting to sprinkle a bit the last mile or so but now it’s looking like another sunny day!? I keep riding because the forecasts call for showers but those showers have yet to come. Just as well; nature’s way of making sure I get on the bike.

Funny thing about riding 7 out of last 8 days is I ran out of kit. I had to wash a pair of bibs in the sink last night and ran a fan over them all night to get them dry in time (and they were still a little damp, but only the lycra on the far side of the chamois …the chamois itself being the key must- be-dry element of the thing). I need to remember to get some new bibs soon (later: um, damn they are expensive!). I have one pair of shorts and two jerseys I got in the last year. Everything else is over 10 years old. I’m totally shocked it’s still functional.

Anyway, I have an entire load of cycling stuff in the wash at the moment. The four flights of stairs down to the laundry and back up are a bitch.

Now I’m spending too much time in the UofA Cycling Flickr pool. And World Track Championships 2008, where giants ride bikes really fast and Britain has been kicking a lot of tail.