The Photoshop Guys Revealed

The Photoshop Guys Revealed

Troy Hitch, 37, and Matt Bledsoe, 39 — the guys responsible for YSAP and its sequel — met a few years ago while producing a radio ad in Cincinnati, which is 10 minutes from Covington. Bledsoe was the ad’s creative director and Hitch, a polymath, was doing the voice-over (he’s also the voice of Donnie and a real Photoshop expert). They quickly became buddies, started writing funny bits together, and partnered up at a creative agency Hitch later started, Big Fat Institute.

Great article, and a model for the kind of work I’m really interested in. Would like to find the time to explore it some more and make some more observations…for now just the link to the article–more links can be found within.

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