This One Is for the Children

Perla Is Mean

Penn is 4 years old. A girl at his school, Perla, makes fun of him. Written and recorded on the iSight in about 5 minutes.

The Peanut Butter Song from Daniel Miller on Vimeo.

This one was a little bit longer in the writing, but shorter in the making (the TAG made me record it, again just on the iSight {in case that wasn’t obvious}, while she sleeps on the couch).

The “Peanut Butter Game” is a nightly ritual in our house, where we see what gross things we can pair with peanut butter. The lists are endless, the song only touches on a couple in the second verse (anyone who knows about my band- aid phobia knows how hard it was for me to sing that line)! The song came about at the genesis of the game, and primarily consisted of the last verse, as we tried to get the kid to go to sleep.