I Can Has New Laptop.

No matter which OS I go with, a computer is as utilitarian as the electric company that fuels its evil heart, and will never excite me the way a new web app will. Given that sitting in front of the hardware and interacting with the OS is where we actually spend most of our time, that is a shame.

From a very high level, I know exactly why all OS’s–or all large technology projects, for that matter–fail, but I don’t have many ideas on how to fix technology on that scale. The same things that make tech interesting are the things that make it fail so often.

I would tell you the long story of how my old laptop died* and what I did to try and save it, but** I’m almost done with my coffee and I have to shower and pack. I’m off to Florida for a few days of working vacation, followed by a few days of proper vacation.

  • technically, only the windows install on a partition on my MacBook failed. So now it’s just a Mac. Which is great. If the only application you need a computer for is iTunes.

** it’s really boring stuff to non-geeks.