Howz About Google Just Hosts Everything for Everyone for Alltime? Kthxbye.

Ajaxian » Announcing AJAX Libraries API: Speed up your Ajax apps with Google’s infrastructure

  • Caching can be done correctly, and once, by us… and developers have to do nothing
  • Gzip works
  • We can serve minified versions
  • The files are hosted by Google which has a distributed CDN at various points around the world, so the files are “close” to the user
  • The servers are fast
  • By using the same URLs, if a critical mass of applications use the Google infrastructure, when someone comes to your application the file may already be loaded!
  • A subtle performance (and security) issue revolves around the headers that you send up and down. Since you are using a special domain (NOTE: not!), no cookies or other verbose headers will be sent up, saving precious bytes.

I wonder what the GWT ramifications might be–in GWT’s case, I think it is already referencing libraries on Google servers and compiling your custom interaction code into minified, browser-specific JS. So not having teh same issues in the first place and more powerful still (if yer willing to drink the Kool Aid).

Still, I’m going to try this out asap on my various JQuery-using projects.

AJAX Search API Blog post

(official) AJAX Libraries API page on Google Code

Also for me: GwtQuery: GwtQuery is a jQuery-like API written in GWT, which allows GWT to be used in progressive enhancement scenarios where perhaps GWT widgets are too heavyweight. via this really long Google I/O video I’ll have to revisit if I consider going down this path

Aaand: OMG Lots of videos from the Google I/O conference (there’s an official page but it seemed to require a Goog login), including the keynote, “Client, Connectivity, and the Cloud” (slides here), which is talking about the high level stuff around those cloud benefits I was just mentioning. Can I has full day to watch videos and dream of the possibilities?

Update: All the GWT-related Google I/O videos seem to be posted here.