Dinner With Lauren McLaughlin

Senses Five Press

Storytelling is the foundation of any good novel and I think itโ€™s actually a very rare talent. Plenty of writers get by on killer premises and witty style. But effective storytelling is all about structure. Itโ€™s very mechanical, almost architectural. When you can marry that structure to a framework of ideas, then the novel can transcend pure entertainment. The trick, in my opinion, is to weave these ideas invisibly into the story so that they are discovered, unraveled by the reader. My goal is to seduce my reader into a compelling narrative that whittles away at some preconceived idea and leaves them with an uncomfortable but somehow intriguing gap in their sense of the world.

Her site looks rather interesting โ€“ a blog that mentions cheese, music that is described as from robots, and podcasts. Hopefully Iโ€™ll someday have time to check out stuff like this again.