What I Read

I exported my Google Reader subscriptions to create some straight-forward XML to build the beginnings of a demo Flex app with, so I thought I would share: Google Reader Subscriptions OPML. (โ€œOPML?โ€ you ask?)

And here is the app, if you are interested. It loads that very OPML file in order to create the list to the left, then just loads the siteโ€™s URL into a new tab on the right. If you right-click w/in the Flash bits (that is anywhere outside of the iframe beneath the tab bar), you can view source. It took about 6 days, from first downloading Flex Builder, through much head-on-desk pain, to what you see. The good news is, I think I have the heavy lifting done. Now (after maybe another dayโ€™s tweaking) to re-create the same demo in GWT.