Writing Code Comments as Cognitive Emergence

{ I’m not sure if this actually qualifies as Cognitive Emergence–in fact it might be the opposite of–and I’m not sure if it might apply to other/all forms of writing. Feel free to steer me right. }

I had my daily reminder of how smart I’m not while writing some code comments. I started to write something like, “A requirement of…” and then thought, “Wait, is it?” Turns out, it wasn’t. I was putting a (rather large) extra step in my code, which was adding complexity that might have been (I’ll confirm soon) the source of many headaches yesterday.

{ And that extra step is still in the app/code I posted the other day. Not sure many readers know Flex, but a gold star if you find it. }

{ Update: I quickly realized the step was still necessary* for my actual demo. The app I posted the other day still does not require it, however. }

{ * Update: Sort of. Not really. Good honk. Are we having fun yet? }