tileUI Desktop


I’d have to search my delicious links to find it, but a while back I ran across http://bumptop.com/

This video (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kz5RzBS7) shows an AIR app that does pretty much the same thing. (The sound is really bad but you don’t really need it.)

The crazy thing is this is built in AIR (/Flex). Having worked with Flex for a couple months now I can tell you that this is sick.

This morning I was about ready to give up on Flex, and I am only trying to do things that I can already do in Javascript (that is an oversimplification, but makes my point). A few hours and some pair programming later, we got through the roadblocks and I’m (relatively) happy with our solution in Flex.

This afternoon I just happened to run across a bunch of sick Flex/AIR apps (if you missed my tweet, check out the AIR iPhone http://merhl.com/?page_id=75) that despite my issues with Flex development got me really excited about the technology.

The importance of something like tileUI is clearer if you consider specific implementations–imagine a professional digital photographer presenting a client with their images via a tileUI-like interface, the client clicking-and- throwing to sort through the proofs, creating a “print” stack, then clicking on that stack and ordering prints (or a CDR or a DVD or a…)…

Sadly, this tileUI thing was built over a year ago and was never released. The person who built it has been working on some of those other sick Flex apps I mentioned above, apps that also happened to pay him…handsomely, we presume…