"...To Design the Device’s Behavior..."

Kicker: Who We Are and What We’re About:

…every company wished it had its Steve Jobs: someone with vision, passion, good taste, judgement, and willpower. But the fact is few companies do, and the products they produce reflect that.

…Most products are made the wrong way. The industrial design is done before the interaction designer and visual designers ever see the device, so the device feels slapped together; what’s on the screen has nothing to do with its form. Or maybe the product strategy causes the device to have too many features until it is overburdened with unnecessary functionality and controls. Or maybe the product is lifeless and has little personality aside from a list of options.

The founders of Kicker know there is a better way…

This is a new era of product design: where products aren’t always driven by their mechanics, but can instead display behaviors that we’ve come to expect from our computers. Our devices are getting more powerful and more complex. We have a new generation of touchscreen and sensor-driven devices. Objects that were previously stand-alone are being hooked up to the internet and can talk to other objects. This new era means we need to think about our products differently: to design the device’s behavior as well as the form and look and feel…

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