Not So Much With the Blogger, So Elsewhere

Blogger hasn’t let me log in for weeks. There is a work-around I found in the support forums. Obviously. I’m posting here. But between the clunky interface (apologies to Adaptive Path) and the seeming disregard Google has for the product, it is finally time I think more seriously about moving this blog to a new location. It is the only Blogger blog I have never moved off the platform, and with no denial of the irony, is the only one that has therefore stayed stable and archive-ready for these 7 years.

Still, the trick to distributed content storage is being able to see the end of the tracks and getting off the train before they pack up the servers and turn the power off at the data center (not that that is going to happen here…it’s just a metaphor). LiveJournal is now a Russian company. I can’t log in to Blogger. It would seem that, yes, “the blog” is dead.

Speaking of, I keep meaning to work on SWIM so that the version available for download isn’t a steaming pile of security-less bug-infested referential- integrity-less shit (overstating the problems), but I actually have more interesting content-tools-related plans involving the above-linked product and/or other content tools and a clever algorithm. If I can just get any time to work on it. I’m a bit busy with the day job at the moment.

All that to say, I will forward all feeds, have some very cool ways to slice the content, and expect all this by the end of 2009. :)

Elsewhere in my newly coined nonlinear category on my Живой Журнал:

…Most products are made the wrong way. The industrial design is done before the interaction designer and visual designers ever see the device, so the device feels slapped together; what’s on the screen has nothing to do with its form. Or maybe the product strategy causes the device to have too many features until it is overburdened with unnecessary functionality and controls. Or maybe the product is lifeless and has little personality aside from a list of options.

…from a post about Kicker. And

“I want to reform technology. All the tools are the same; people make the same things with them. Everyone asks me, ‘Are you bringing technology to RISD?’ I tell them, no, I’m bringing RISD to technology.”

…from a post about “John Maeda taking over the presidency of RISD, ‘ambient awareness’ being talked about in the NYT, and all the noise about chrome”…all of which I have a lot more to say about, but need a bit more time to put it all together.

The “IR” tag might also be of interest to nonlinear types, which is another “temporary” category for all the stuff I would have blogged at the long-dormant Integration Research. Yeah, I still have plans for that site, too…

The “UX” tag is also stuff that should probably be over here