Crosspost! Nothing is Linear: The Living Room

The Living Room is about the coolest thing I’ve seen all month.

Last night @carissa, @geoffroper, Tyler (Carissa’s brother in town from MI) and I went to Fort Worth to see Fleet Foxes and it was the actual coolest thing I’ve seen all month. We arrived at the door to be told it was sold out but to “wait around five minutes and he’d see what he could do.” Two minutes later another guy came out with four wristbands which he proceeded to sell us “out back” for $6 over the cover charge (not much worse than Ticketmaster, when you think about it). We were stoked, having driven all that way, not to mention babysitter etc. The only issue was they apparently pulled that deal with a LOT of people, and the place was PACKED. Fortunately, Carissa found a chair by the door to stand on and reported she “had the best view of any show we’ve been to.” I was by the door but eventually moved towards the back after having my toes stepped on about 100 times by people who for some unknown reason did not comprehend the situation and insisted on COMING AND GOING AND COMING BACK AGAIN CONSTANTLY THROUGHOUT THE SHOW.

But the thing is the Fleet Foxes are SO amazing and SO tight with their AMAZING harmonies and songs and big instrumentals that they moved me in a way that music hasn’t done in a while. So suddenly the agoraphobia faded away and I was just washed in their sound.

I described it to Geoff as sort of like if CSNY had been produced by Phil Spektor.