Except for Texas, Which Is the Interesting Part

From “if the culture war actually happened

So my theory is that regardless of the outcome of this election the US eventually drifts towards a multi-state solution wherein California secedes (or re-asserts it’s independence, depending on your perspective) and joins up with the Pacific Rim economies. The New England states do basically the same thing with the EU and the upper Midwest moves it’s capital to Chicago and builds out sort of a USA-lite type of nation around that. The rest of the country goes to hell and joins the 3rd world, except for Texas, which is the interesting part. Texas embraces the concept of “limited government” to the extreme, suspending all environmental and societal controls. It basically turns into hyper-China where lawlessness and disorder are rampant, but profits are insanely high. The rest of the country abandons oil, but Texas decides to ride it all the way into the ground and partners with Venezuela to this end. Lots of kids coming out of business school talk about “doing time” in Texas while they try to cash in on the situation, but most of them end up limping back to the East or West coast with lungs full of soot and all strung out on speed or adderall or modafinil or all three.