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ART CON 08 00

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My piece for Art Conspiracy 4. I’ve described it as “horribly, horribly ironic,” which it is. Pete Rollins recently wrote a simple, brilliant definition of irony:

Irony as a political stance can be described as a way in which we intellectually disavow our social activity. For instance, often individuals host 70’s or 80’s parties in which people dress up in the fashion of the time and dance to the most extreme and laughable music of the era. Here people are able to laugh at the music and the outfits while dancing to the music and wearing the clothes. Thus they are able to ridicule the very activity that they are fully engaged in…

Hopefully, the irony in the text of the piece itself is obvious–if you haven’t figured it out yet, try the large size.

But there is an irony in the event that I am also attempting to critique, and I’m going to discuss it for the first time here, hopefully briefly and of course with a significant disclaimer at the end…

[Much time passes and he further loses motivation…not to mention has to leave to attend said event! Yet to be continued!*]

  • Never mind. The more I thought about how to write about it, the more multi- threaded it became and every thread required a damn disclaimer. Art Con is a fine event. I secretly want a version that is more like an art rave than an art bazaar, but since I’m certainly not going to organize anything anytime soon, I’m just going to STFU.