Carissa's 30th

Aw, it was nothing.

On Friday night at dinner I think all the chemicals fired in my brain by pulling off the surprise finally settled on synapses and combined with the alcohol to give me the best high I’ve had since this insane runner’s high I got once halfway through a 90 mile ride in 1994 or so.

12/12/008 14:34:21 carissabyers: ummmmm, my dad is here. dealingwith: oh yeah? carissabyers: uh huh. and he told me to pack a bag. AND OMG MY KID IS HAPPY. WHAT’S GOIN’ ON?! dealingwith: really you had no idea? carissabyers: NO WHAT KIND OF IDEA AM I SUPPOSED TO BE HAVING?! dealingwith: LOL just be ready at 4 carissabyers: WWWHHHHHATTTT’'’SSSS GOOOOIINNNGGG OONNNNN?!