The Day That Was Yesterday, Christmas 2008

Things that were stuck all over my chest

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It’s still too soon for me to go into detail about what happened prior to the paramedics arriving–suffice it to say it was really scary…I’m still dealing with that part–but, yes, about 8:30 on Christmas morning 2008, I placed a 911 call; less than 5 minutes later the paramedics arrived.

I tweeted throughout the hospital stay, and called immediate family. Penn’s dad came to the hospital to pick him up and kept him while Carissa mostly slept and I mostly waited and prayed. All told, we were at the hospital about 6 hours. The neurologist’s diagnosis was that it was likely Synope, with some inexplicable symptoms during, and we were happy to take an optimistic diagnosis. The ER doc still wanted to admit her, but she decided to go home and so we did, by way of Burger King and picking up Penn, who immediately tore into all of Santa’s presents, the opening of which had been entirely interrupted.

At home the anti-nausea medicine they gave her was still making her really sleepy, so she slept some more on the couch and the kid (who really had no mechanisms with which to deal with the entire situation) and I tried to quietly pass the time. Eventually I think she woke up and put the child to bed after I had fallen asleep on the floor, then we went to bed very early.

Today she has been a terrible patient, insisting on doing all her normal activities and refusing all help, so I have had to watch her like a hawk. No matter the diagnosis of whatever it was that happened yesterday, there is not much to do other than to hope that it never happens again.

Carissa blogged about it here.