I’m typing this in Suggest-o-matic (SOM), the very simplified culmination of many years of thinking about content management, or what I refer to as “creative management”, that is, how we store and reference all the content we create over the course of a life.

Right now, SOM is mostly like an automated reference librarian, who looks over your shoulder as you’re writing your paper and suggests things out on the interwebs that might have to do with what you’re writing about.

This is its very first iteration, what I am calling a 0.1 protoype …my intentions for the future are:

  • create multiple links for any given query (right now it can only automatically create one link based on what you’ve clipped from your query

  • improving on the UI

  • ability to favor any number of site searches (I’m most interested in searching my old content for articles, images, etc. that I might have already created on the subjects)

  • an automatic post-to-my-blog-or-whatever dealio

  • a run-on-any-page, white box + selected text Suggest-o-matic

  • serious natural language chops, so that special syntax is no longer needed to fire off a suggestion

  • serious AI on results, so that SOM can sort and manage the relative links automatically for you