"There Will Be a Rise of New Creative Leaders in the World, Fueled by Rich Humanity."

John Maeda: Creative Leaders Get Their Hands Dirty

In the last few decades, technology has encouraged our fascination with perfection–whether it’s six sigma manufacturing, the zero-contaminant clean room, or in its simplest form, “2.0.” Given the new uncertainty in the world however, I can see that it is time to question this approach–of over-technologized, over-leveraged, over-advanced living. The next big thing? Dirty hands…

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I’ve noticed this a lot. All you must do is notice the rash of new bike builders that have popped up around the country…the whole maker thing…DIY…gardening…We have definitely moved through authenticity and on to simplicity, and if that is how things are trending, I can’t wait to see what the next thing is.

Speaking of bike building, besides fastboy’s flickr stream, this video is one of the most aesthetically pleasing documents of the process:

Geekhouse Movie