2009 Fives, Part 3: Wins


You know what #1 is going to be already, right? :)

  1. My Art. What you say? That also made my top 5 list of failures for 2009? It did. But I did release a digital EP that I am proud of and I did a benefit single collaboration and I did continue to get some work published in a small UK publication and I did make a couple little videos. I have a lot more to do and not as much time to do it, but at least I’m not completely stalled.

  2. Friends. We made new, good friends and continued and strengthened old, rich friendships. We had good times. I liked Carissa’s description of one of our too-infrequent brunches: This is the time frame in most of my friend’s lives where we’re all settling into this world we created. We’re settling in to our ideas and our beliefs and how it’s all panning out. We’re settling into our mates or what we want out of a mate and understanding more about what was so totally wrong with that last boy/girl friend. We’re nestled in with sticky- faced children. We pride ourselves more on our practical functionality and less on our storebought fronts. We’re not so swept away by the masses, trends or media and can focus on the big and small pictures individually. When we gather around food and beverage we can connect things from all over and we suddenly need to take care of one another.

  3. Family. Parenting also made my top 5 list of failures for 2009. But you know what? The other 60% of the time, total win. And collectively? We always win. The four of us have little tough spots almost daily but overall we rock. There is rarely a day when we don’t find ourselves all gathered around and I have these really lucid thoughts about how much I love all three of these other people and how well we all work together and how happy I am that we found ourselves together forever.

  4. Collecta. I totally fell into this job but I am constantly amazed at how much happier I am with my work than I have been in a long time. The people I work with are incredibly smart, capable and passionate. We’re building something important. It’s a shit ton of hard work, don’t get me wrong, but this is the environment I thrive in. And we ship and iterate and ship and ship and ship and ship and iterate and ship and ship. This, my friends, is the way it’s done. As I put it to the team at one point: I wanted to mention that I freaking love working with you guys. By far the most brilliant–intimidatingly so–and fun group of people I’ve ever worked with and the most engaged I’ve ever been in something I didn’t start myself.

  5. Margot. I had no idea. People had told me, I had drempt about it many times in the past, but she’s really here. I have a daughter. A baby girl. Who’s the cutest baby anyone has ever seen. I can’t wait to watch her grow up.