Washed Out / More Great Art From People Younger Than You Who Don't Care if You Think It's Great Art


Washed Out, aka Ernest Greene, see, he has his own blog and YouTube channel and as far as I can tell he’s just a 26ish-year-old guy living in rural Georgia who just got married and is making this incredible music in his bedroom late at night.

I put art on the Fail list but really I’ve never had such a sense that we’ve just entered an amazing time for art, particularly this [immediatist][5 ]-yet-somehow-on-the-net thing that seems to be best and most perpetuated by print designers and those well under 30. I’m really excited about it and have this folder in my Google Reader that just blows my mind every time I look at it which these days isn’t very often, but…the funny part is that I have to resist my old-man desires to try and jump on the aesthetic train and figure out the best ways to publish all this shit to get eyeballs and blah blah blah…although I do want to put out an electronic record of some sort this year, and I’ll for sure be listening to a lot of Glo-fi at the time…in the meantime I have a gig in a week and a half and I have no idea what I’m going to do for it. You know, I don’t even have guitar calluses on my fingertips anymore. It’s shameful.

Anyhoo, besides those blogs Vimeo is also usually a ridiculous place to go find art that will blow your mind (if you have enough bandwidth…with our account it is usually a waiting game). On Vimeo I found what is possibly the quintessential of said art, and they just happen to be videos set to Washed Out and Dallas’ own (getting rather big) Neon Indian. I can’t embed the Vimeo vids in LJ (another reason I’m hoping to transition blogging platforms soon), but it’s just one kid’s (I use that pronoun to emphasize my oldness) account, here.

(When I was 26 I was about to move to DC. Soon I’d be divorced. 26 feels like three lifetimes ago. The 00’s was a hell of a decade for me. I predict this next decade goes twice as fast and is half as exciting, but in a good way.)