I’ve said before that there are certain questions that are now best escorted out of the park by security …and maybe you noticed that was the first of a trilogy: “What now?” I’ll go on. Not because I want to but because I have to.

The problem with the deeper questions surrounding our loss and our lives is that they are the questions that have existed for all time and our answers–or lack thereof–are the same as well. The search for meaning evolves into a search to be more human, to connect to–not a Truth–but the truth of what it means to here with others.

So today I was reading some posts by my friend Kester Brewin and he wrote something that made a tiny bit of sense:

…we cannot prove if heaven and hell exist, but it’s a natural response to want the world to be fair, to be sorted out and judged at some point so that justice is done. A deterministic universe it might be–just chemicals and electrons–but this is not a world that we find “human” precisely because it makes a nonsense of ideas of love–and hate too.

The weight of lead
On floors of sand
The idea reduced again
To outcome

No chain stays unbroken
All aims get forgotten

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