Lucy: Three Months

Lucy tongue

Her red hair is still red. In the sunlight it is extravagant. A shiny decadent red. It’s growing longer and it’s all coming in red. Passers by will comment and friends want to know where it comes from. It is a force and, as far as we know, she’s the only red head in either of our families. Sure, maybe Cousin So and So was kind of red or Daniel has a red beard, but this! This is different. Exceptional.

I don’t want to talk about our beloved Margot in posts about Lucy. I don’t want to spend too much time comparing, even though I know, for at least a year, we will compare. As Lucy grows and her cheeks fill out and her thighs gain an extra roll, she looks more and more like her sister. She makes expressions or looks at me and they are the spitting image of one another. Except for the hair. So sometimes I think that crazy red hair is a wonderful force that lets Lucy be herself.

Carissa Byers