Week Six

Carissa asked what the titles of these posts were about. In case you also do not know, they’re weeknotes, “updates about what your business has been doing over the past seven days or so.” In this case I don’t have a “business” yet but I’m simply counting from when I began exploring new ideas and options following the end of my time at Extra Sauce.

Also I just discovered, somewhat pleasantly, that I had counted incorrectly last week and that this is in fact week six and last week was week five, even though the permalink will forever hold my mistake.

Sundays is when Penn’s extreme extraversion and 9-year-oldness most conflicts with my extreme introversion and old-manness. 36 hours of he not being around enough people and me being around too many people. We both start to lose our minds in subtle but important ways and conflict is the frequent result; of course being the adult I am the one who must swallow my emotions and just deal with it. This whole thing is normally assuaged by the fact I go on long bike rides weekend mornings, but the last few weeks the very cold weather and other schedule conflicts have prevented those rides from happening.

This last week I intended to start working away from home at a coworking facility. The lack of focused time has brought progress on this project to a standstill. Being at home, I’ve discovered Lucy will devour all present persons’ attention. It often seems like even with two of us here it is all we can do to get in a shower and check email.

Although you must admit, she is very cute. And you haven’t even seen her turn pages in a cookbook and say “MMMmmm!” every time there is a picture of food!

Lucy loves cookbooks

We have also had a rather busy social schedule as of late, both personal and business related. Making up for a little lost time in that department.

But part of that for me is the return of paid work, possibly turning full time in as few as two weeks. This is a good thing, says my budget and bank account, which are tired from months of redness. But it makes me a little regretful for having not taken better advantage of this time for my own ends, even if the better part of me knows this new thing is a long term process that might be better served constrained to a couple hours in the early mornings and evenings.

But then there is the reality of all the other things that need doing, from personal care like riding my bike and reading to family matters such as medical issues and home repairs. I’m preaching to the choir here I know.

The new record has been one of the highlights in regards to the last month’s productivity. It is nearly done. It even has a name, or I should say some variations on a name. I’ll be sure to reveal more as it becomes ready.

My fitness has been another story. Since completing the Festive 500 I have not done much but gain weight. I’ve had some persistent back pain while riding since the last two days of the 500 that I thought would go away with some rest but hasn’t. I’ve been terrible at doing core work (because I hate it) but apparently that fact has caught up with me and now I’m faced with a long fight to regain some core strength and rid myself of this pain. It’s also continued to be cold, which I love, but I must have burnt myself out on being out in it because my motivation to ride seems to dive the closer to 40°F it gets, and lately it’s been that or below. (Like most people, I suppose, I find there to be a pretty solid bell curve of comfort between 40 and 100.) It did get above 60 one day last week, and I managed a quick ride with only armwarmers for extra warmth. By the next day, though, the temperature had dropped and a very cold rain set in. Texas.