Solar System

well put all your love where it hurts the most
expect a little visit from the Holy Ghost
but when your short wave dies and there’s no one to listen
the stars going cold in your solar system

It’s like the kind of track that sounds great at 3 o’clock in the morning. It’s the kind of track that makes sense late at night, rather than the middle of the day. #

Feeling lonely, sleepless, tired, melancholy, sober and nostalgic for days more filled with artistic pursuits. Bill Mallonee is always good company for these moments. Probably the most well-kept secret in the American songbook, Bill has been writing and recording music for over 24 years, and most of it is exceptional. He’s also dug more than a few ruts into the road, touring as a matter of course throughout his career. I had the honor of playing the same stage as he during the 2003 Greenbelt festival (he had a much better draw).

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