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So I had heard of Listener before my friend and general artist-trickster-social-funambulist Hal Samples started bumming around with Christin Nelson, whose record Red Moon Rising I immediately fell in love with. Christin recently directed a video for Krum & Rob Viktum, which you should watch:

I forget when or how I first heard of Rob Viktum, but I had lost track of his work in recent years. To say I was thrilled to discover his new work through this unexpected path would be an understatement. He also has new work out as Vik Filthy amongst others. But it did not end there.

Bare Knuckle Gospel is released through Rappers I Know, the labour of love of Frank William Miller, Junior. RIK is the most wonderful kind of rabbit hole. Magical and trippy and surprising.

The music of RIK is notable for its well-crafted beats, thoughtful lyrics and soul. For some time I have had little-to-no interest in mainstream hip hop. It smells of lazy beats, simpleton lyrics and a lack of soul. But when I find these vast undercurrents of true artistry I get really excited. I’ve barely scratched the surface of what Mr. Miller has curated.

There’s even jazz. I will stop now before I begin a treatise on the importance of keeping jazz, soul and hip hop connected.

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