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Fuck Twitter

Like nuclear fission, social media has gotten away from us and now we scramble to recover our society from the brink of calamity.

It’s impossible to comprehend the variety of human experiences I need to interpret while scanning Twitter. Yet, Twitter is far from a magnifying lens. It’s more like a kaleidoscope or a fun mirror. It’s showing what humans pretend to be when we perform for each other.

I always knew that Twitter wasn’t reality but I rarely considered how much of it was an orchestrated fabrication.

Reply All – Is Facebook Spying on You?

How to Avoid Being Tracked by Facebook

The open web needs a friend

There is no organization repping the interest of the open web.

The big tech companies behave like big companies. Right now there is nothing that balances that power. The journalists and academics have been in awe of them, and have been reluctant to understand the issues. I don’t expect much from that combination until they get serious about protecting the resource that we all need.


It would be interesting to have the same conference without the journalists. Also they could use some more independent software devs. They look to Facebook and Google for everything. Independent devs are much more likely to give them what they want.

I should have proposed a session about how Facebook and Google are actively destroying the open web. Maybe we can get some of the reporters to look at that? Right now they mostly still want Facebook to give them money. That sickens me because Facebook is not what I think of as a good news system.

Startup Podcast – Dear Music Fans…

The American Climbing the Ranks of ISIS

The Convert

The First Lady of ISIS

All via Kottke. These stories will challenge your nondual thinking, and the comment section of the YouTube video is even more offensive (and full of dualistic thinking) than I expected it to be. Maybe you have to have some contradictory religious experiences in your past (I’m speaking from my own experience being part of a charismatic Christian cult, an evangelical, a post-evangelical, and now “not a believing Christian, but a practicing Christian”) (or at least I try), but I related to both of the main characters of this story. I actually had more issues relating to the gun-nut Unitarian Texan.

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