Three Podcasts

Worth your time

The Future: History that Hasn’t Happened Yet–SXSW 2017

Bruce Sterling’s closing remarks at last year’s SXSWi. It always takes me months to catch up on these, but they are always still brilliant.

What Makes a Leader Great? with Nancy Koehn

Harvard historian Nancy Koehn talks with Daniel Pink about her book, Forged in Crisis–The Power of Courageous Leadership in Turbulent Times, which of course has now gone onto my long book queue.

Rebecca Solnit on On Being

People lock onto motherhood as a key to feminine identity in part from the belief that children are the best way to fulfill your capacity to love, even though the list of monstrous, ice-hearted mothers is extensive. But there are so many things to love besides one’s own offspring, so many things that need love, so much other work love has to do in the world.