The Week That Was

Or the week that wasn't, as the case may be

It was a rough week for my habits, self-care (I always feel like I should put that phrase in scare quotes, I wonder what that says about me), and otherwise making sure I don’t burn to a crisp and end up drunk in a gutter.

It was, by contrast, a very productive work week. I would say one of the most difficult of my career, but a series of challenges I not only signed up for but was relatively prepared for. It was a > 60 hour week capping off a series of > 40 hour weeks as we regrouped as an engineering department and prepared for the fourth quarter, as well as welcomed four new engineers to the company. I think we did really well, considering.

Life has always been cyclical like this for me. To the point I don’t stress out as much as I watch my week disappear (although I have to watch my levels of patience, be on the guard for growing resentments, etc). And I knew yesterday by 3pm I just needed to leave and go run a couple long-overdue errands (as well as be there for when my parents arrived from out of town).

Another friend’s record is out this week:

I am feeling this lyric pretty intensely:

a map of every turn and twist
a map of every sign you missed
the sum of all your broken parts
the sum of every jump gun start

(…from the opening track, Get Started)