Good People on the Internet

They still exist

Leland Sklar’s YouTube channel. You know Leland Sklar as the bass player with the giant beard in Phil Collin’s band. He also played with less-known bands such as Jackson Browne, Lyle Lovett, Warren Zevon, Toto, James Taylor, Linda Ronstadt, Dolly Parton, Reba McEntire and like, I don’t know, literally 100 other artists you have absolutely heard of. Well it turns out he’s exactly the wise man speaking into a webcam we need in this economy.

Virtuosic German musicians Martin Miller, et al., performing Easy Lover. We’ll forgive them for not attributing the song to Philip Bailey. I first discovered these cats via their Ultimate Genesis Medley, 27 minutes of amazingness that I just watched for the second time and makes me need to set up my acoustic drum kit again real bad. (Where, oh where?) And oh, yeah, this cover of Rush’s YYZ.

Lauren and Daniel Goans of Lowland Hum, who I have mentioned twice before on this blog (Lowland Hum, More Denison). They have a send-a-song service that is obscenely under-priced. I was desperate for a mother’s day present and working at the last minute when their email newsletter reminded me about this unbelievable offering. I quadrupled their asking price because it was last minute and also because come on. I didn’t hear back. I just hoped it would arrive on the day requested.

Good Lord did it ever. It was perfect and touching and amazing and catchy and made Carissa cry. It’s not for me to share but here it is on her ‘book.

5/5, would buy a song from Lowland Hum again, except pay at least 5x the asking price.

Oh yeah, Denison. His new record is out. Buy it.

The Rouleur Longreads podcast: Deserter’s Dirty Weekend in Koksijde. Well worth the listen even if you’re not a bicycle racing fan.