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Discord update messages are the best update messages…

We’ve been cooking up a new noise suppression feature for all you keyboard slammers, parrot owners, and people who have neighbors that think every day is a good day to mow the lawn.

Own Goals podcast: Gatsby & Software “Architecture”

Startups are really incremental rewrite machines

And you can either choose to take a path that leads you to needing to do a wholesale re-write at some point in the future, which to be fair is a choice that when made purposefully can be the right choice, right? Sometimes you just need to build something out, accumulate a bunch of tech debt and then three, four years from now when your company is still alive because you did that, you can re-write it.

But the better path is sort of write your code today, such that you can make choices that are sub-optimal in sub-sections of your application so that you can delete those sub-sections instead of needing to delete those sub-sections and the spider web of dependencies in which they touch, right?

Postlight’s been reading our mail

PF Well, ok, it’s Friday morning and due to circumstances outside of our control, related to the pandemic, I need to change [music fades out] our product road map significantly. By Wednesday. I need to take…

RZ By Wednesday?!?

PF …everything we’ve been building. Yeah, we gotta make–we have to put a bunch of alerts in and then change the way the service works fundamentally and also there needs to be a streaming video. I think we actually have to commission like a puppet show. I–I’m losing it, man!

RZ Slow down. You need a plan by Wednesday?

PF No, no, I have to launch a product by Wednesday. I said it was impossible and they were like, “I guess if it’s impossible, you should still find a way to do it.” That’s what they told me.

RZ Oh, boy. Ok.

PF Yeah, I just said, “Ok,” and then I went and I looked at the wall for a while. And that’s why I’m calling you cuz you seem to be pretty good in situations like this.

I think about this song often these days.

Obviously I included it on my last record. (Aside: my last record was seven years ago. Sigh.) (Second aside: God, I love Paul Averitt’s vocals on this track. He was absolutely perfect for it.) This song is awash with nostalgia for me. I first heard it in White Water Summer, a movie I watched on broadcast television not long after its theatrical release. I can’t remember much about the movie–I want to watch it again, but not tonight–except that it features this song. I think I already knew about Cutting Crew from their hit signals from the Broadcast record–namely (I Just) Died in Your Arms and I’ve Been in Love Before. But Life in a Dangerous Time has always been my favorite song on the record, and the one that seems to have best withstood the test of time. Here’s the original:

It must’ve been lonely
It must’ve been cold
It must’ve been something