2020 Year in Review Part 3

The Job

I covered this one pretty well in this post about Epic React.

earlier in the year I was approached to join egghead. I’ve known Joel for over a decade and I was chuffed to potentially have an opportunity to work with him again. In June that opportunity became reality.

That opportunity was also the reason for the trip to Portland.

Having taken my previous company “across the finish line” so to speak, and not constrained by any buy-out or retention package, I was free to take a great opportunity to work with a friend in an industry (developer education) that I’m really interested in. It also allowed me to get back to a small company, which is my preference.

I again get to work with truly great people, for whom I am grateful.

The challenges are considerable, as they are with any small or mid-sized business. That’s what makes it interesting and all worth it.