A Personal Site (Again)

Naz Hamid: Hi, this is a personal site (again)

…I’ve been writing on and off on the web since 1998, and those early years only live on as database archives, not easily parsed by tables and database schemas. I could run an SQL query someday, but I doubt there’s much of consequence aside from the journaling of a person in their early 20s.

As a number of friends have re-embraced blogging and personal sites, and old friends have continued to publish all these years later, I’ve certainly felt the good pressure to carve out a home on the web again that’s all my own…

I started with a completely different design but found myself one day perusing old drives with designs of my old sites and realize that I still loved that energy and aesthetic, and grids and simplicity have always been something I’ve gravitated to in my own work…

And a damn RSS feed. Because I still read blogs via RSS.

via his email list:

(remember those and the current revival and how amazing blogs can be?)

To which I thought, “There’s a current blog revival?” Naz is one of the original a-list web design people I’ve followed since what feels like forever. I found the above validating of my twenty years maintaining this site.