You Don't Know JS: The Bigger Picture

Finally, maybe the most important grain to recognize is how the existing program(s) you’re working on, and developers you’re working with, do stuff. Don’t read these books and then try to change all that grain in your existing projects over night. That approach will always fail.

You’ll have to shift these things little by little, over time. Work on building consensus with your fellow developers on why it’s important to re-visit and re-consider an approach. But do so with just one small topic at a time, and let before-and-after code comparisons do most of the talking. Bring everyone on the team together to discuss, and push for decisions that are based on analysis and evidence from the code rather than the inertia of “our senior devs have always done it this way.”

You Don’t Know JS Yet: Get Started, Chapter 4: The Bigger Picture

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