There Is No More Perfect for Me Episode of 60 Songs That Explain the 90s Than This One

Radiohead’s Creep: The One Song They Couldn’t Escape

I am here to once again try and fail to convey to you young people the existential crisis that was CD shopping in 1993. I am almost definitely not saying this to you for the last time. If you wanted to listen to an album—one album, by anybody—your mother had to drive you to a second location and you had to buy the album for basically $20. $20 got you one album and, like, a pretzel. Yes, I said existential crisis.

He goes on to describe how he walked around record stores with Bandwagonesque in his hands for hours in total, but never bought it. Ferment, however, he did buy. He even mentions my favorite underrated band from the 90s, Dada. I’ve thrown together a playlist with a bunch of Radiohead and those three bands and I’m so pleased.

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