Today I’m halfway recovered from fear. I might be all the way but we reviewed the budget to day and realized we can’t really live more simply than we do. Best we could do is move to a cheaper house, but that would actually be difficult to find in the places we would like to move to! (Sorry North Dakota is out!)

So I’m choosing to go about my life as normal now. I watched a movie last night that was set in new york, and featured plenty of skyline shots, which pissed me off because the skyline doesn’t look like that anymore.

I’ve always had a psychic connection with nyc, mostly because of its artistry, but also because of it mutliculturalality. I’m sure I’m not feeling this blow as much as others, but I am certainly feeling it.

How do we know any of us will survive? Fear can take us on at any level.

Thanks Combs for some encouragment today.

more later