life sucks sometimes too.

who can be an artist? people living off a trust?

really excited still about dada showing. got some pictures done today. getting graphics done tomorrow. leaving town friday so no pressure or anything.

just realized that i will probly lose money on this show. but oh well. wouldn’t be a big deal if i had money coming in from somewhere (jerk offs at the old company probly haven’t even sent my check yet for that last gig…even though it’s been the month). just that this thing has taken 40 hr weeks for a few weeks now and i am only going to lose money on it. so people who laughed or didn’t get our support thingie, well, figure it the f**k out!

ok that enough. thanks for letting me go off. not that you’re reading this or anything.

i love you.

ha ha.

ok that’s enough. cheers.