Why are Christians pricks? Just wondering.

I realized the problem with being an artist. You are selling yourself, and selling requires the absorption of a lot of rejection. I don’t even think it matters that the work is close to my heart or my creation or anything. I would hate selling if I was selling vacuum hoses. I can’t stand the rejection. One “no” a day and I’m wiped out emotionally.

Here’s the timeline. Last night Thursday the date and time for Hate Mail was set. Friday was a wash day in creating graphics and press release wordings. The weekends are always a wash. Monday for me was a bad day for other reasons, and unfortunately in my experience those bad unproductive days don’t always fall on the weekend. I hate that. At any rate, chalk that one up to not being perfectly tough or whatever. So yesterday was my first real day to find some supporters. I’m not asking for much at all, really. One computer and some fliers. Actually I called people about computers on Friday and there were some positive people, although they didn’t have any hardware laying about. At any rate. Maybe it’s been the in-person approach. I’ll stick to phone sales.

But anyway, I just realized that an artist is really just a salesperson. And that sucks. ‘Cause I’m no salesman.

On other notes. Oh wait this is all I’m doing.