It’s T day 2001 and I don’t want to tell anyone what the fuck I’m thankful about. God and I have an understanding for once in my life. I am able to see Him every day and not be confused if it’s just “me” or “Him;” i am realistic about my own ability to live a moral and otherwise unrealistically perfect life, which leaves me even more reliant on my faith, which I’m more sure of every day, even as it gets more and more simple: I believe in the work of the redemptive story of Jesus in my life. I’m not an evangelist for anything but the arts. I don’t have any faith in any institution or book (i.e. the church or the bible), but i have more faith than ever in people and stories.

i’m making a europe page and will scan the pictures from the trip and put it all together in two weeks. next week we’re in CA. cool.

in the meantime you can read up on it, if it’s off the bottom of this page, in the archives….