hello everyone. doubt you’re reading this but it is more for my therapy anyway.

life is so crazy. CA was cool for the most part. love the scene. love the weather. FL sucks as usual. thanks to our friends for being the only good part about down here. i don’t mind the cold so much anymore.

spent all freakin’ morning getting my dsl up and working again. it’s so funny how i can’t do anything without the connection. that’s not entirely true, but let’s just say i was very frustrated but handling that frustration pretty well. technology is funny in that it is so frustrating when it doesn’t work but so great when it does.

look for a new website from me in the near future. also hate mail needs updates, i know…

just finished reading Invisible Monsters by Chuck P and it was amazing.

I have two more book ideas but need to get crackin’ on those queries.

ciao for now.