hmmmm…. had to write…

i went on a bicycle ride the other day. then yesterday, because my bum hurt so much from the bicycle ride, I went running instead. on the same road. A1A. it’s the only place where there is only a 90% chance of getting killed by motorists. crazy. i would love to get back to a place where i could enjoy bicycling for what i love it for. i realized watching Breaking Away (which I of course own) that the part i love about cycling is the freedom, just like the scene where he’s riding no-hands (those who know my no-hands crash and get sued story shut up) through the forest, no cars, no people, just a man and his bike and nature. that’s what’s great about cycling. like in Quicksilver, another great cycling movie that I don’t own (sorry Kevin Bacon), when he says “when it says one way east, i go west.” that’s what’s great. that is the sublime. that is the spiritual. that was my church for 7plus years. then i thought i’d make a career out of it and that ruined it.

anyway, i’m having this thought yesterday while running. i hate running. ha ha. actually i did have that thought but i had another one too. the problem down here in sofla is simply one of haves and have-nots. not in the normal sense though.

more in the sense haves-$500,000,000 and have-nots-$500,000,000.

that sense that you need to achieve more more more which means earn more more more which means have more more more is totally ingrained in almost every American psychie.

but thow in multi-million dollar houses and lifestyles all up and down the beach and the intracoastal and the stress becomes a bit much for the Average Striving Joe.

so the ASJ takes it out on things and people. takes it out on his gas pedal. takes it out on the cyclist enjoying an unusually cool day on A1A.

until it becomes second nature. and we’re all just taking it out on one another. we don’t mean to be mean and hateful. it just comes naturally after years of being reminded that you haven’t yet made enough.

oh yeah, you’ll also very naturally go into debt for the bigger house and the luxury SUV.