a note on our life

had a really stressful week dealing with my one day job

i’m a contractor for my old tech company, you know.

that way i cost a lot less, and i’m an expense for them.

but i get more time to do other things and only had to sell my house….

but you need more context….

last may i drempt that i lost my job. in august i lost my job. last october i drempt that the company went under and i was hosed with a ton of unpaid invoices and expenses from my consulting contract.

i normally wouldn’t give that much creedence to things. but the two dreams occurred in the same exact place.

and that place was Bratislava. same apartment, same bed. same weather (almost).

if the second one turns out to be also prophetic, then there’s a lesson to be learned: don’t dream in Bratislava.

but seriously, here’s our deal.

so far since we started the “i think I’ll be an artist” thing last August: we’ve sold one picture for 150usd we have one more on hold 50usd now 100 more lata we were paid 20usd for a photo shoot we received a donation for 500usd

we’ve applied for one grant and have a couple more possibilities. this is the best thing going, except between the research to find the grant and the time to apply so that you might possibly, possibly be considered (competition for all these is stiff) (lengthy), there’s just not enough time in the day left to also work for real money and still be creative.

so somethings die.

we sold the house so we have a big tax bill coming up. wish the government understood that we are going through a major lifestyle change and need that money to live off of for a while. but they don’t. so we have to give them large portions of it.

and because of a family business thing that i’m really not involved with and get just a little cash out of every so often (not enough to live or certainly not count on), next year we will be pushed up a few tax brackets even though we’ve sortof committed to never being in anything but the lowest. hmmm.

well maybe it will all work out for the best.

just hope i’m not doing this contracting gig in vain ok? pray maybe too?


fearfully yours,