macs suck. sorry but that’s just my opinion. i have no time again today because this mac just wiped out a huge email i had written to miriam, pouring my heart out and describing all the incredible events of my day here at greenbelt. just got wiped out without so much as an undo. see there’s normally this thing called a buffer the operating system keeps so you can undo some reasonable about of keystrokes/actions…but oh wait, that for reasonable, fuctioning OS’s…

i’m just going to have to update you all on greedbelt afterwards because it’s much too much to blog. i’m really torn because there’s no way i can do this justice from blogger. yesterday’s post was just random as i was still in the complete fanatical haze of having seen the only band i’m a fanatic of, plus i was talking with wood, listening to his crazy-but-true stories at the same time.

basically, if you are reading this and you aren’t here/weren’t here, you wish you were. there is nothing that can compare to this event in north america. i believe at this point that it will be impossible for american christianity to ever relate to me, or vice versa. there are true artists here being true to their art, their humanity, and to god.

you would freak at the proper use of technology in these installations and services. you would freak at the range these creatives can make use of in the same.

vaux’s service has definately been the highlight thusfar, and it would be impossible to contextualize it enough for a general audience to get even a portion of it. it was intense.

scott, you would freak out. you would come out of your skin. you would quit trying.

scott, let’s just say, think muholland drive. the part you are thinking of, yes. except, you know, mostly suitable for general audiences. well, ok, pg-13. maybe r.

but that’s not the point. it was powerful. eternally powerful and intense.

anyway i must stop. i’m getting into that fandom haze again and have stopped making sense.

cheers and more thoughts later…