Greenbelt 2002 #3

third post from GB and again i’m still quite frustrated in attempting to describe this thing in words. i have been taking some unique shots at the event, mostly black and white actually, not to mention the pictures i hope to get from other folks here, plus i will certainly try to snag as many of the graphics used in the installations as possible. i also have some artifacts from said installations that i will try to scan when i get back. of course i will have to locate a scanner!

anyway, today was another great day of alt.worship, music, hanging out. i helped set up grace’s service, which was a lot of fun for me to participate in. i also just saw a really funny band that was something like trigger happy tv and christian porn machine combined. they played this brilliant song called true love waits (but masturbation doesn’t). i got aaron the t-shirt, but don’t tell him if he doesn’t find out himself…

i also got invited to speak for a short time tomorrow at a seminar about the web…so i’ll be able to share all my vast knowledge ahem …we’ll see…but it’s cool to be particpating as a producer in another thing…all the constant consuming was getting to me!

refreshed…daniel, your anglophile abroad