Hi Ho Hi Ho Its off to Code We Go

I’m actually just testing out SWiM. I just got my archive feature working. With SWiM, you archive whenever you darn well feel like it (it will also eventually have the blogging status quo weekly/monthly archiving option). I have done a couple archives already, setting up the config files by hand, but now I have a little form where I just give the archive a title, and it sets everything up for me, updating my menu etc. etc. I personally like being able to archive whenever I want, because that way I can keep my files’ sizes both small and consistant, archiving whenever I feel it appropriate given the number of posts over n days. Anyway, that means that I have done 0.6 before even 0.2, but it was ness. 0.2 is absolutely next, possibly before I publish this post, followed shortly by 0.2.1 and 0.5. 0.3, 4, and 7 are a little bit further out, with the rest seemingly way out there, but I think the Dec 31 timeframe is still doable.

Also updated the menu (to left) with weekly archives pulled from the ol’ Blogger data, for smaller file sizes and faster load times.

Also updated the news aggregate, look out for more features on the way there, customization and all that, but my friend Jason, who is now officially onboard to create the desktop SWiM product, is right now building a newsreader for Outlook/Express or any other nntp-reading application. Very excited as FeedReader got really buggy on me, out of the blue, a couple weeks ago and I’ve stopped using it as a result. Besides, I want my email and my RSS in one app–and it’s about to happen. Anybody out there who doesn’t publish RSS–please do! I was doing it even when I used Blogger; it was a pain in the ass, but I can show you how. Of course, SWiM will create RSS by default (already does–and pretty fancy if I do say so myself–just click on the rss_xml link to the left, or go to the news agg and my feed comes up as the default {of course ;)}).

Finally, made imagining a link, because I realized it was going to be a koon’s age before I got that stuff organized. I’ll keep working at it, but for now you get a dump of all my images–fun! ;)