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Fractured Bosnia offers USA cautionary tale on Iraq (USA Today)

A balanced view connecting Bosnia and potential future conflict considerations. Interesting that in Bosnia we were helping the defenders and in Iraq we will be the aggressors. Important distinction methinks. I definately believe intervention in Bosnia was required and even then not adequate, by the way.

Elsewhere, theyblinked has a new locale and waxes all utopic on community. I recommend mortals just scan the first couple paragraphs, but somewhere around Paradosis it gets interesting. Very much reminds me of some of Riddell’s writing. Only thing is I think it is, for most people anyway, fiction. If you have that kind of community consider yourself totally blessed.

Finally, I have already received two cool emails in response to my “Un-Christian Nation” post of earlier today. Thanks! Just a start, depending on how I feel about it, maybe the finish too.